Two of my Favorite Things

LUPINS!!!! Over the summer months, the roadsides in Newfoundland are often covered with blooms. Hawkweed, Devil's Paintbrushes, wild rhododendra, and right at this time, lupins.
The drive from Humber Villge area to Pasadena is gorgeous, some of the fields are completely full of these beautifully vibrant swaths of colour.
I stopped with my brother, and we dug some up for his yard and for mine... so far so good. I have been planting a few lupins every second year or so, I would like to see some of the slopes around here just covered with them in the next few years!
The other favorite attraction deals with vintage vehicles... remarkably, right next to a set of lupins, there just happened to be an antique Prefect for sale....
... complete with red piping and cream seats...
... and a windshield that opens for what exactly, I don't know...
... but it sure is cute!
If only I had the lifestyle for that sort of thing!! This would certainly be a sweet A Stone's Throw Glass company summer vehicle-- not good for deliveries or anything, but let's just say advertising or something...!

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