Springing into Spring

I realised that although the winter was mild, it still took a long time to turn into spring-- and don't get me wrong, we're actually about three weeks ahead of where we were last year in terms of garden flowers blooming (which is so nice), but months of inactivity are months of inactivity none-the-less. Busy in the studio or working at school, I rarely was able (or willing) to take time for anything other than work. My spring plan is to ensure that I get out for some movement everyday-- it started with a walk in the rain with Shep, and has been great fun to keep up with-- making sure I have someone to meet for a bikeride (so taht I actually go), paddling when the weather allows, and walking in the woods any other time. Like my little solar firefly lamp, I too get energised from the longer hours of daylight, and am feeling so much better for it!
In the meantime, here are my beautiful yellow and cream tiny tulips who come back every year, and new Northern Gannet bowls and plates. Hope they make the flight up here from the oil spill.

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