Meet Olga

Our story starts here with 'Olga'. She, however, has her own story to tell...

I bought this old dresser at a yard sale, agreeing that it probably was a home-made piece from the island, made some time ago. When I started to strip the paint though, the wood seemed to have more of a story to tell. Yes, it had been through some battles for its life, but I don't think that it started out that way; the tapered legs gave way to carefully dovetailed ends in some spots. Two back legs had been removed at one time, and put back together again with their insides facing out-- I think that a 'new' backing had been put on. Glossy varnish underlying the thick coats of paint (cream, robin's egg blue, and brown), had protected the true nature of this wood-- perhaps an oak, or a walnut. The top had been replaced with 'new' wood, which was not of the same type nor of the same quality of craftsmanship that had been apparent in other places, which is probably what helped to disguise Olga's grander days. I decided to go for it, and ordered nice 'manly' hardware for her, as this lady is now my husband's dresser... will post when they arrive!
Some of the drawer bottoms had been replaced as well, with what could have been wall board from an old kitchen-- panelling that children had drawn on too some time ago.
I think that this dresser may have started out in Nova Scotia--possibly had been made there... and at some point, came to Corner Brook where it had been fixed, or sent to someone at the pulp and paper mill...

Olga was here.

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