Big Long Week

My Big Week in St. John's is now coming to an end; the Salmon Run exhibition at the Devon House Main Gallery was very well received by those who were in attendance, which of course has me feeling very good about the whole affair. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to show my work in this public space, and hope that more people will be in to enjoy it before dismantling happens on June 14th. It certainly has been a great learning experience, from day one to today, and I am sure I still have many lessons to learn about the process long before I take the river apart. I am very grateful to Sharon LeRiche and her staff at the Craft Council Gallery for their help and support throughout the set-up, and certainly appreciate that they will continue to work hard at keeping the Run alive even when I am at home! Slowly I will begin my journey homeward, first having a get-together with Doug Clouston-- another glass person-- and then a short visit with Jason and Roz in Amherst Cove, then... Gillams and Hiin and Shep and the osprey and my garden!

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knix said...

Congratulations Urve :)