Show Coming Up... Preparations Happening all the Time!

My brother, Aare, measuring out the framework needed to secure the leaded glass panels in the old 6' x 6' window. This is one of two 'sceneries' that I am making to act as the background for my installation, Salmon Run. The Opening for this exhibition is coming up waaay sooner than I feel ready for-- May 8th, 2-4pm, Devon House Main Gallery.
More or less at the same time (yes, it is possible to be at two places at once, not to mention to do several things at once), Hiin and I have been spending time with Mike Beverly, our treasured Blacksmith. We have been learning about blacksmithing, working out the design for the legs for my glass river pieces for Salmon Run, and enjoying great conversations and stories with Mike. This is the entrance to his forge and work space.
Getting things ready.
The beautiful anvil.
Hiin helping out... Mike needed someone to hold the other end of what is to be a hexagonal prybar. It's been a really great experience so far.

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