Eat Your Heart Out, Yogi!

A little sandpaper, a bit of oil or stain, and this old lunch pail will be beautiful to take food out of. I can't wait for LUNCH! Barb had a great garage sale this morning-- kidnapped Nancy for the outing, bought out Barb's sale, chatted briefly with Brenda and Shawn, and raced back home to get cracking... these days, the boss does not believe in Saturdays.
Shawn-- I hope you don't mind-- and as I type this, I realise that it is too late if you do-- stole your photo!


Susan said...

Are you going to fill it with mushrooms?

Urve Manuel said...

What a good idea! At first I thought I would fix it up for Hiin so he has a lunch pail for work, but then I thought I would put drawing/painting stuff in it... but MUSHROOM PICKING BASKET... the only downfall is that unlike the baskets that my grampa made from juniper roots (or other woven baskets), no real chance of escape by spores... either way, quite delighful!