Sweep Those Chimneys!!!

We've had a fairly non-windy winter this year, and have an air-tight stove, and have been burning a fair bit of balsam and spruce... lots of build-up of tars and resins in the pipe-- so much so that one of our neighbours roared up the drive, work boots on ('Me wit' me old boots on!'), and ran up the stairs to check out the chimney on the second floor and in the loft. Apparently there were 6-ft flames coming out the top of the stack, which drew his attention as he was going past the house. Fortunately, they died out (but the pipes inside the house were some warm!!), and I let the fire in the stove die out completely...
Today, with Hiin holding the ladder, I climbed out to clean the residue off the top of the cap--- we got the brushes out for the inside, but quite honestly, she was as clean as a whistle! Word to the wise-- a good roaring hot fire about once a week can burn out any residue, so that the thick coating does not build up and cause a potentially more dangerous fire! I felt somewhat silly not knowing the fire hall number-- it's only a few houses up the road from us.

Thankfully, it was all cleared up though, and Hiin could get back to reading all about his Chatelaine girl.

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