Piles of Fish

Stacks of salmon, and...
... a growing river... Soon, if all goes well, I will be at the stage where I can actually start to put all of this together. May 9th exhibition of Salmon Run is a lot closer than one might think!


Anna said...

I'd love to see how you would interpret getting back to your roots, depicting scenes such as Kalevipoeg in glass, chunky lions in a coat of arms, calm blue glass pools of Linda's tears, interpretations of Härra Ruberg's icy watercolours in glass.

A niche market no doubt, but your art is so very striking.

Urve Manuel said...

Suur Aitah! That actually is one of my plans... funny how the legends of one's culture are never far from the surface in some way; it's just a matter of time, but that concept is still brewing in the back of my pea brain. If all goes well, I'm hoping to have a series of work based on Kalevipoeg in a year or so. Stay tuned!