Sunshine (!!!!) on Independence Day

One Fossil at the Top!
One Fossil on the way... Sheppie, doing his job, guarding against sneak-attacks.

Oldsters, just about there...

We got together and followed part of the Appalachian Trail to the top of Barry's Lookoff to celebrate Independence Day for Estonia; no anthems sung this year, no trumpet blasts over the tops of the trees to the valley below, but we could see Deer Lake and Humber River, and almost Niki's office... (too many trees in the way-- the way Kruger has been clear-cuttung those back hills, one might think that the few sticks of birch left on the ridge blocking the view wouldn't have stood a chance!)
And the hoar forst was heavy on the tops of trees all the way up-- had to race ahead ot get a photo before it melted in the sun!

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Karen said...

Urve, congrats on the article in Chatelaine! And I really enjoyed see you're trek in the Mountains on your blog spot!

Karen Thistle