Sunny Days...

Every year, just in between winter and early spring, it seems I get some kind of deep chest cold/blocked sinuses that hangs on and makes it sound as if my lungs have been actually removed from my body... when Roz and Jason were here, I was not my usual energetic self; I have been sleeping (and Hiin has been making me take gross medicine) for the past two days... the fossils (aka migrant workers, aka work crew) have told me to make sure I look at myself every once in a while-- if my lips are blue-ish or purple, I need to get to the doctor-- it seems pneumonia is always lurking! Today though, although my breathing is still remeniscent of that of Darth Vader, I am feeling better, and there is a chance that we will see a bit of sunshine again...! So before I forget again, Roz and Jason are making plans to teach a 2-3 day workshop at my studio in May with PMC (precious metal clay) and enamels. Make plans to attend, it should be fun and interesting! (See previous blog posting).

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