New Things to Think About

Roz Ford and Jason Holley came to visit for a weekend for some professional development... we tried fusing woven, knitted, and crochet'ed metals in between layers of glass... with some nice results!
This thicker piece is one of my favorites-- the copper is completely encased by the glass, but because it was so much thicker than the glass, air was trapped in between the layers as well. The heated copper will continue to break down within that glass bubble and little bits and pieces of copper swirl loosely in this space when it is shaken. Very cool.

We also worked with PMC, and the possibilities seem to be endless with this substance. I forgot to photograph the enameled pieces, but we also melted glass frit onto the pre-fired metal shapes with great results.
Silver wire fused in another glass sample did not show oxidation... great potential again!


Marshall Arts said...

wow wow wow - I love these! I want to see more - what a super duper idea...you folks should do some more, a small production line perhaps? I have never seen anything like them....
xo r.

knix said...

Very Cool!!