Still Marvelling!

Every year, we say that we're not doing much for each other for Christmas, no-one really 'needs' anything... but somehow, there is always planning, thinking, and creating throughout the year, and surprises under the tree... my mama finished this beautiful quilt, something that she had been working on for years... ...my brother made us this awesome cutting board...
...Hiin managed to get the message to Santa, and lo and behold, there was a compressor under the tree, too! (Not-pink, but it has a nail gun, I supplied hoses, and it is good and loud!)

And good ol' Sheppie found a beautiful duvet cover and pillow cases that he knew I would really appreciate... what a dog!

Birds and flowers, he really knows me well!
Amongst friends, we seem to exchange food items, which is great-- right now, in fact, I am enjoying a cup of Blow-me-Down blend coffee from Tina, and am spooning a bit of the chocolate hazelnut spread to go with it... this jar is lasting longer than the first one, but only barely. And although I'm not broadcasting its existence, at least I'm not hiding it... that's kind of like sharing, right?


Coralee said...

Wow...such stunning talent...in the quilt especially...wonderful idea...they look like snowflakes..and no doubt all hand done...awesome!!! Thanks for sharing...have a great day..the last one of 2009!!!

Urve Manuel said...

Thanks, Coralee, I'll pass that on! Yep, all the best to you and yours as well-- it's the last evening of the decade! Where did 10 years disappear to?!?!?!?