The Soccer Match!

So this is how I decided to interpret a 3-year-old's drawings:The Soccer Match!
I used my 'splat daisies' that I had had on hand for some time--didn't have a perfect place for them until this work(!)-- to colour the soccer pitch; I decided that the razor-toothed monsters and the hedgehogs would be in the middle of an intense soccer match; the ball has just been kicked, and is up for grabs. Who will be faster, the eight-legged hedgehog, the six-legged hedgehog, or one of the razor-teeth?
Detail of the green long-toungued razor-tooth.

Detail of the purple razor-toothed monster.


Deb said...

This is great!!! I'm sure the youngster will love it!

island sweet said...


Coralee said...

Absoluting amazing....joy at the soccer match! What vibrate colors...awesome!

knix said...

Brilliant Urve ,I love it.

Lori said...

Fabulous idea! Who wouldn't want one dem!