Return from Brake's Cove

We made the trek back along the beach, busy with sticks and stones and snacks along the way, enjoying the time. Our light was just ready to disappear, we caught a glimpse of sunshine (!!) in the distance, and were ready to head home to the warmth of the wood stove, good food, fun times.Rocks tend to fall on this trail, no sense in standing still under the potential hazards... here, you can track one's journey quite clearly!
Heading to the steep stairs, rickety, but worth the effort!

Looks somewhat magical... perhaps they were!

End of day, time to eat!

Our little house was full of people-- what a joy-- Karen and her family arrived, Tina joined us later for dessert, Peter and Logan made the trip for dinner, Tara and her boys arrived just as the first crew was returning from the walk, and 19 people ate beautiful foods from each family!

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Coralee said...

Sound marvelous!!! I so enjoy reading your blog....Happy New Year to you and your family...hoping your mom still has time to quilt! Perhaps our paths will cross in Calgary?
thanks for the card...