Getting Our Tree!!

Getting a Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do... each year, we find a pretty good Charlie Brown tree to bring home-- all of the 30 feet from the house! This year, we spent about 10 minutes contemplating tall trees, looking at their tops, agreeing that we could use the rest of the tree for firewood, regardless of its size, but then we spied the perfect tree!
It was growing sideways out of the bank, the butt-end of it no thicker than my wrist, scruffy on one side, thick-ish near the top where it had started to curve upwards towrads the light (obviously, it had been pushed over in a wind storm or a big rain fall, and the roots had slid off the rock it was clinging onto)... so lickety split, we chose that one and brought it home!

And now, it is adorned with my birds... beautiful, festive, wonderful tree!

New bird for this year!

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