Hiin Brings 'ome the Bacon!

A few days ago, Hiin called-- "Remember that guy?"
(I'm thinking what!?) "Oh yes, that one..."
"I worked on his rig, he's from Burgeo..."
"Right, the one who said 'Do you like seafood?' "
"Yes, really nice older feller, come back from away where his fadder decided to give up the crab fishing-- at 87!"
"OK, yes I remember."
"Well he came in and told me to come on out to the truck, he's got something for me. And he pulls out half a garbage bag full of crab legs. What do you think?"
"Well, really... there's half a bag? Or are there 2 legs each? (Hiin loves his stories to be dramatic, so I always check).
"Half a bag. Or so. I don't have time to open it."
"Well, b'y, drop some off at your mom's on the way home, and I'll call the old people, they'd love a great scoff!"
So he did, and so I did, and so we did have a great scoff, what a treat! Somedays, being a mechanic during tire season is a good thing.

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