BEST Coast Christmas Fine Craft Fair

Well!! After quite a roller coaster of a ride, and oh, about a million emails and phone calls and a few meetings to boot, we now have a venue for the BEST COAST CHRISTMAS FINE CRAFT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niki used her many charms and we have the Marble Mountain Main Lodge as the venue, to be held Nov. 20-22 inclusive.... get ready to own beautiful hand-made art and fine crafts by the artisans and producers of the province, from the East Coast to the Best Coast! I'm so happy that this is coming together, and look forward to what promises to be a great event!! See you at the Best Coast Fair!!


knix said...

Good job Urve, I'll blog about it tomorrow and again as it gets closer.It's gonna be sweet.

Tim Rast said...

Congratulations - that's great news!