ACCCCCHHHHHH the RAIN!!! (as Hiin would say)

What a deluge this morning!!!!!!!!!!! Can't see across the Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tin roof (well, metal, anyway) on my studio is singing singing singing!! We were supposed to be up and at it by the crack of 8 this morning to get the last shakes off the side of the house-- Hiin even organised some help from brothers for today, and we have to return the scaffolding this week also... at least it wasn't the ice and sleet they were promising last night. We'll see what happens the rest of the day.In the meantime, my studio is getting more and more crowded and cramped as I am getting closer to the St. John's Fine Craft & Design Fair-- leaving next Monday, I think-- aaak!--- my filing has changed from 'horizontal' to 'vertical-horizontal' as I try to time things like kiln firings of many-layered things, one-layered things, small things, big things, slumped things, fused things, and in-progress things... Here is my Midnight Raven, still in the cutting phase, but at least the design is in my head and mostly out on glass. If this all works out as planned, she will be flying into the dark night in an 18" bowl form. I can't wait!

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