Lotta' Beautiful Tings...

Tilting Sunset...
Tilting... this little community on Fogo Island has a very long and interesting history of house/structure movement. As a house became too small or rundown, it would be sold to neighbours and used as a net loft or shed; as someone no longer needed a shed, or wanted a smaller (or larger) one, the shed or outbuilding that they owned would be sold or swapped again. Each of these buildings would be moved to the new owner's site-- these moves have been mapped out and documented in a book, Tilting: House Launching, Slide Hauling, Potato Trenching, and Other Tales from a Newfoundland Village by Robert Melvin. Touring the community itself is like walking through a living museum, and very beautiful, definitely worth a visit!

Local creativity close to Joe Batt's Arm!

Love the wooden flaked fish.

To my mind, the old fence lines are gorgeous.

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