Fall Weather and Projects!

I was lucky to get a bit of wood for the siding just a few days ago... lugged it home and have been stacking it in the triangle, in hopes that it dries enough to stain... given my house's tallness and narrowness, I like to stain the boards before I get up on the ladders and scaffolding, etc... and by the looks of it, it will be a long staining party-of-one coming up soon...!

We managed to get as many of the shakes off this weekend as we could reach, need one more set of scaffolding to reach the top...

The view from the kitchen window does not look too bad... it's only when one stands on the boards of the scaffolding and looks down that it gets a bit hairy...

And of course, the windy days that we have been having don't do too much for the feeling of stability up there, but on the other hand, the fast-moving air does help dry my boards. Yesterday, had the chance to start with the insulation... I really want to be warm this winter!

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