En Route to Fogo

First lunch stop... happy to be on the road again!
Ferry to Change and Fogo Islands
The road signs warn for caribou, not moose! And we did find fresh caribou tracks on the beach where we camped--- the beast had been there while we hiked back to the car to get another armful of stuff... like pillows... so we missed seeing the animal, but neat to see its presence none-the-less. I think they should sell t-shirts! Fishing families are mostly all that is left here full-time... and the numbers are low!
We spent one day on a hike, exploring all kinds of things. Part of the trail leads through boreal forests (all kinds of mushrooms, Hiin used up all my digital film there), awesome blueberry patches, partridge berries, also beautiful bogs and beach cliffs. We also saw humpbacks in the distance, feeding, blowing, leaping out of the ocean splashing with flukes and fins. This part of the walk reminds me of Ireland (even though I've only seen it in the movies).


Brenda Stratton said...

You write beautifully Urve and your pictures are gorgeous.

Urve Manuel said...

Thanks, Brenda-- nice to see you blogging a bit more often!