This funny-looking (read interesting) cactus with ridged sides, has a palm-tree-like effect on the top, and is blooming!! Amazing that the climate is good for these plants, seems to have alternated between warm, damp air this summer, to drier, cooler air now; they have recovered from their move from Emily's home to ours, and happily are doing well. I wonder what they'll think of the winter here?
Little baby cacti growing out from underneath the mama...

...Tex is sprouting growth on his head and all of his appendages...

...and this is just a nice photo of the gladioli in the garden, blooming everyday this month. I planted the bulbs as an afterthought when I happened to see a bag of them on sale in mid-to-late June this year, so I'm happy to see that they had time to bloom. In the meantime, their foliage really helped fill out the garden, so even without the blooms they are definitely a great addition!

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