www.astonesthrowglass.ca (NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, just got back from Mount Pearl Monday evening, yesterday was a get-over-it-and-unpack-and-sort-things-out-day (and see what's new in the garden... love the fragrances!!), and today I am starting back up again. Mount Pearl was an interesting 4-day event... exposure and I'm hoping the seeming potential will pan out soon, we'll see. It was also fun to meet new people, make a few more contacts, hear live music, people-watch like crazy (I don't see all that many of them here in Gillams, that's for sure!), and sort of relax, if that's possible (when I'm not at home or in the studio, I don't have too much to do!).
The big news, though, is that while I was away, the last things for my NEW WEBSITE were completed (by Matthew Hollett, http://www.matthewhollett.com/), and although I have to make a couple of changes on some existing information, etc., it seems to be done, and I am happy with it; I would like some feedback, though, and a chance to practice working with it, so please take a moment and have a look, and send me comments via the website:

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ShannonAnn said...

Hi Urve,
Your new web-site is beautiful! The pictures are great and the colours are bright and clear. There is plenty of product to keep me interested and I was able to navigate easily. I think the over-all look is professional and shows your work perfectly.