Weekend Trip!

We left for a quick get-away, to visit places like La Scie (great views, wonderful history), Fleur de Lys (beautiful look off and quick hike, paleoeskimo soapstone quarry-- which put me on the hunt for soapstone for a glass-stone mix that came to mind), camped in Coachman's Cove where we found an amazing campsite that we want to return to and saw a whale and more icebergs, (paddle access, crushed shell beach...ahhh...!), visited Tilt Cove and the old gravesite (population used to be 1500 when the copper mine was operational, now 7 intrepid people live there amongst the Tilt Cove wild orchids-- thought to have arrived in the 1800's with some mining equipment from the UK), and so on... it was a fun and interesting trip, makes us want to just keep on exploring these beautiful communities and areas on the island.
Came back to masses of flowers...!

Something that looks like celery is now taller than my crab apple tree... it has bunches of white flowers on top... what is it? I've had it for three years...

And the comfrey is taller than my white lilac...
...and one of the honeysuckles is blooming and blooming and blooming! Love summer!

Hiin surprised me today with one of Joy's beautiful driftwood chairs... he calls it the Queen's Chair (as it should be!).

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Lori said...

l like that chair, it's great