Julie's Fern and a Finished Bridge

Julie's ferns, (Fern Leaves), are complete, and I think that they will look really nice in their kitchen cabinet... hope to see it soon!
Steps going two ways... Trudy was the first to experience both sets (other than Shep, Hiin, or myself, that is!) and she says they look steep, but are really quite comfortable...

It took me almost a full day for this long downhill section-- had to dig out the ones I built three years ago, and try to tie all of them in with each other, and with the existing deck... not expert, but good enough for me! They go up and down all at the same time like magic.
The bridge standing sturdy and strong, I am so pleased! We do seem to have a bit of a dilemma, though-- when I replaced rotten wood, I seem to have displaced a bunch of carpenter ants that were well hidden... now they are crawling up and down and around and into the walls of the porch... and I just found two upstairs... I don't want to know that they are in all the walls of the house!! What to do?!

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