Fresh Strawberries at the Market!!

My first strawberries are ripening here, which means (I hope) that local producers will have fresh strawberries at the Farmer's Market this Saturday on the Majestic Lawn, 10am-2pm. Many craftspeople and artisans from the area will also be there, I think it will be great!!
Crazt Daisy, growing in my retaining wall... I've watched its progression from the first appearance of tiny leaves, and have taken care to ensure it gets watered also... I think it's great!
My ever-blooming pink clematis is the Crazy Daisy's garden partner, both sharing that space of wall.

New irises, small wild-looking variety are starting to liven up the garden's colour palette again.

Shooting star columbine, still busy! They seem to encourage (or compete with) the neighbouring plentiful gloxinia to see who can make the best show.

With this nicer weather, have been drying the wood that I managed to get from a local sawmill operator; this will get me started on the siding for the house... must find another source soon!

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