The Bridge, Continued

So, the sunny weather kept on for a while, and so did the construction! Hiin was home for the day, which was great-- it was the best thing to have another set of hands and a brain to help get the frame attached to the house and then leveled on the supporting posts.

Decking on, everything is still together, yay, now for the first set of stairs...
...these seem to be coming out ok, but the next run will be long, and need me to take the existing sets apart and out of the way; might not get there today, but I will hang and paint my new screen door!

Home-made screen door (not by me, bought second-hand), with whale-tail details in the corners-- I didn't even look at them carefully until Hiin pointed them out! Love it!!


ShannonAnn said...

Hi Urve,
That screen door is perfect!

island sweet said...

ahh - there's nothing like a screen door to bring the outside in. xxx

knix said...

The door is beauty...good job and great find. The nest is looking sweet sister.