Beautiful Blooms!

It is so nice to come home to tiny little blooms that liven up my garden. Yesterday was the first real day of sorting out what is going on with my green friends-- maybe 100 tulips will bloom soon, a whole variety of sizes and shapes... I love the stripes on some, and the crinkles on others-- so much variety!

Primroses abound-- meant to separate these, but didn't get that far yet, so will wait until they finish blooming, and can spread them around a bit more. They are amongst my earliest bloomers, usually see colour when there is snow on the ground in the rest of the garden already, and with the cool breezes off the ocean, they stay for quite some time.
And new this year are the hyacinths-- large blooms, laden with scented blossoms! Even though we don't get the hottest weather on this island, at least my flowers can show off their dress for a long long while!

Happy to see these flames arriving-- they are my second variety of tulip to open, and when they do, the red-orange colour is so vibrant and striking, I always stop to gawk for quite some time. Like the neighbourhood decorative lights that brighten up the snowy winter nights, my flowers are always a wonder to me.

Stripes, soon to bring blossoms!

As I separated strawberry plants, and planted blueberry bushes and raspberry canes in the fruit garden, I also dug up a bucket of potatoes that somehow got missed last fall... sweet sweet spring!

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