Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, something to celebrate for sure, but also it is the day of the Grand HOpe-ning of my studio, which is something that we want to celebrate even more in some ways. Hiin has been working at the wiring, and we have most of it done-- enough to get started and to have light and some heat, in anycase. While working at that, I was also able to get some of our living room space sorted out a bit more to my liking, and beacuse I moved the tonnes of glass downstairs to the studio, we even got rid of the post that we put in three years ago... room to move a bit!! Now, I will finally be able to enjoy my new workspace! There will be things to pick away at, fine-tune, and so on (I already know I have to build more shelves and incorporate them into more storage space somehow), but for now, it is so NICE not to have to go at it 24-7... or every single evening after my paying gigs... not to mention every minute when I don't get paid:-)!
Ian will be so happy to finish his part too... been hanging over the both of us for a while. Today, though, I arrived home from work late, Hiin had gotten off early, so he cleaned most of the house, and fixed the last lights for me, and I must say that was nice to come home to!!
Now I get to work on a few projets and experimental ideas that I have in mind, while thinking of a colour that will work for our bedroom walls... that's right, the room that used to be my studio is now going to be our bedroom... we'll have space to stand upright, and I am going to convert the previous glass-storage area into a closet--yes you heard it here first, we will have our FIRST CLOSET!!! Tell me that's not the most exciting thinsg EVER! So there are (as always) things to keep me entertained... and I have to figure out how to take tiles off without breaking them, the entrance floor really needs to be insulated better than it is-- when we experienced the -30 weather (again!!!), that hallway was cold enough for icicles... in fact, the snow from our boots did not melt...
Anyways, that's it. Tomorrow I will take photos-- I still have to do a bit of organising and cleaning and hang a few things, etc., before the official opening time, so when I am done that, I will have time for a few snaps. Lovin' every minute of it!

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