More Progress... Maybe

Can't remember whether I had posted this before or not... tried something new in the kitchen-- mix and match (well, sort of match) cupboard doors and handles... why not?!, I say!

Second coat of varathane--the fumes, people, are making me crazy(er?)--on the second side... and beginning to grout the tiles...

While the floors in the studio are drying, I am replacing a few things in the living room... like the diagonally slanted boards... and hope to change a few posts and shore up a few beams while I'm at it this week as well...

...the (only) draw-back, of course, is the living-room-hell we step around all the time... our space is so small that living-room-runs-into-kitchen-runs-into-dining-room. We haven't seen the table since before Christmas. Soon... I hope!! I might organise a search, prizes to be discussed later, of course.

Third coat on the first side of the floor. DONE!

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knix said...

Love the kitchen Urve, great job on the studio, can't wait to see it!