Wonderful Artisan Meeting!

We (co-operative craftspersons/artisans group of Western Newfoundland) had our first meeting of the New Year at Nancy's today, and I must say, it is made up of a really nice bunch of knowledgeable and experienced people! First of all, regardless of whose living room the meeting happens to be held in, we are always welcomed by a wonderful selection of warm drinks and good foods, not to mention the smiles and the greetings from the door all the way in, but we seem to be able to give advice, share resources, share experiences, and information in a matter of minutes, while spending most of our time oohing and aahhing about each others' newest projects or experiments, AND somehow getting to know of our personal lives and flavours of our days as well in so little time... and I'm pretty sure that each one of us leaves these meetings feeling inspired, justified, on-the-right-track, supported, or content (pick whichever one you needed to feel!)... remarkable! So today I got the chance to talk about my first salmon that I am making with the assistance of NLAC's generous grant... and got a few good names to use as resource people to try to solve some presentation problems that I will be faced with shortly.
The ice is coming, the ice is coming!! But so is the rain, I hear... after 'enjoying' several daya of well-below-zero temperatures, the ice on the Bay has had a good start, but now we may be in for a much longer wait; they (you know, 'THEY') are threatening rain and plus 7 for the next few days!! YUCK! But perhaps the break in the weather is a good thing, the birds will be able to find more food... we are running out of seeds and things!
Look deeply into my nose and you will find the answers to all your questions... look verrry verrry deeply.

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island sweet said...

the salmon is gorgeous - well i'd mate with him!