Snowshoeing through the trees and snow!

The Blow-me-Down Ski Club offers a Friday night snowshow activity for all and sundry, and the first one of 2008 was held last night... I would say close to 25 people were in place for this event- who would have expected this many would be interested in traipsing through the snow-filled woods in almost waist-deep snow (not so bad for the likes of some of us, who happened to be in the latter part of the group-- it was like walking in a hard-packed trench, which sure made life easy!)?! What fun!
The trees are laden with the white crystals, and really something to marvel at!

This was the first shot of Tina and Isabelle, while we were all walking along the trail...
...This is the somewhat better one when we actually took the time to stop...
And yes, EVERYONE wants to try on the hat!

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