My brother Eero had this wonderful notion that all the ' kids' should get a trumpet for Christmas, because wouldn't that be fun, everyone blowing these instruments and creating beautiful music all at the same time in one house (not his)?! Two lucky recipients were not here this time around, but when we get together next, year, look out Bird, and Satchmo, and all the rest... we'll have had a year to practice by that time!
So in between working on my glass projects, I practice with this pocket trumpet evenings, and am finding that it is a good focus for as long as my cheeks can stand it... my husband has never moved so fast in his life (all kinds of chores outside get done these days), and the dog goes crazy (with enjoyment, of course)...Aare's having a tough time... but at least he looks good!
At 3 1/2, Eemil is an old pro...

My mom gets in on the act too; she actually had played the trumpet in her high school band-- unfair advantage!
Here we were practising a Christmas tune that we successfully played over the phone to Tiina who was in the hospital... she laughed so hard they had to sedate her and re-stitch a few delinquent sections of abdomen... I'm not sure what was so funny about our concert....

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