October Weather

My husband is in the kitchen, with slippers (our floors aren't always the best for bare feet:-)) on, and cooking up a beautiful supper for us tonight. We spent the last two days hunting the surf near Port-aux-Basques and the Port-aux-Port Peninsula... today we got our faces wet, and my skin still tastes of the North Atlantic-- cold, sometimes rainy, very windy, but fun and great to get out of the house. The colours on the bogs and hills and forests are spectacular, the reds and oranges are so vibrant, especially in contrast to the fog and misty gray skies that keep threatening another downpour. The food fishery is officially over for cod this year, so we're onto the wild turkey!


island sweet said...

finally located your site and it's is looking wonderful urve. i'll link it to mine. the colours are exquisitely vibrant - like your work.

Robyn said...

Hi Urve, Love your blog! Makes me homesick, however. Lovely colours and I can practically taste the air and water.