My Old Buddy

We had a beautiful fall day today-- sunny, BLUE skies, cool crisp air, fall leaves colouring the slopes and sidewalks. I took a few hours this evening to visit my old buddy Kastan; we had been inseparable for almost two decades, and did everything from week-long kayak trips, wilderness hiking, and rodeo spectating, to watching the hockey games on Saturday nights together, and I miss him. My big lab-sheppard sleeps his deepest sleep in my parents' front yard, in between spruce and birch trees, next to a rhododendron bush, with a beautiful river rock to mark his resting spot. The afternoon sun warms the hundred tulip bulbs that I planted for him two years ago, and that I have added to since. This year, my dad gave me white and yellow narcissus bulbs to plant amongst the red spring blooms, so today was the day to dig up the plot and spend the early evening hours before the ever-encroaching dusk settled its mantle over my story-telling time. This annual pilgrimmage to my dear old friend is very important to me-- it is great to be able to let him know what is happening in my life now, to remember what our life was like together, and to acknowledge what a special being he was to me and to my family. I appreciate having the physical place to visit; some resting spots are not easy to get to on a regular basis, and I find that this makes it more difficult to take the time from the daily scurrying to enjoy the memories shared with those who have meant a great deal to me and are no longer here, even though I carry them with me in my heart.


Brenda Stratton said...

You made me cry. What a lovely story Urve.

knix said...

Your story reminds me of my old friend! They are always with us really when we take those memorable hikes, paddles or lazy days at the cabin ya know. Thanks for sharing this.