Fishing for the Mighty Cod

This summer, we spent a good few hours on the water hunting for the elusive codfish... turns out, that with the right amount of sunlight reaching the ocean's depths, an extra special magic lure, and an anchor for the dory, cod are not as elusive as one might think. In fact, my first cast produced a keeper-sized fish; Ian could not believe it, but was he ever happy to fry that beautiful fsh in a bit of garlic and butter for supper!!

Yesterday, we got the chance to go out again, as part of the seven day extension to the allowed food-fishery, but all we managed to catch were a pair of small cod, which we released again. Today, though was the day. I can tell my very own the-one-that-got-away tale... not a fun story for me!! We motored across the bay to find a more sheltered spot, as the wind and waves were up, and I put my lure in the water. Within minutes I had a fish on the line... but a fish that did not want to come up to the surface. The rod we have is not very fancy, nor did it have very high-test line on it, so there was a lot of whining of the reel, pulling the fish, winding the line on the slack, pulling the fish, winding on the slack, and feeling the fish struggle at the other end. The rod was tipped into the water, much as it would be with a fighting fish -- cod are somewhat docile in comparison to salmonids, for example, so this struggle and heavy feeling meant I had a huge one on the line! And I did! I managed to get the fish right to the top of the water, Ian leaned over and started to pull him out, and right as the fish touched the edge of the boat, the line snapped, and I lost the biggest fish I have ever caught in my life along with my magic lure. Just like that, the glory, not to mention the gloating and bragging rights for ever and ever and ever, and the taste of fresh pan-fried cod (no-one does it better than my husband!), gone. That was the one that got away.
'Net Worth', leaded glass panel, 2007. You are what you catch.

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